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People Strategy Network 3: 5 steps to become an agile organisation, Filip Moriau, CEO Stragilon – Virtual

‘Agile’ is an easy word to write on the page and on the cover of a business magazine, but how can an organisation become agile?

As Founder and CEO of Stragilon, a Berlin based consultancy in Innovation, Agility and Development, Filip Moriau believes the answer lies in how we structure our organisation, and what processes we use within that structure.

With practical advice and examples, Filip will explore how moving from a vertical to horizontal infrastructure works in practice, the mindset shift behind changing performance appraisals to performance reviews,and why being a ‘learning organisation’ is crucial in this new era.

This session will be about the ‘how’ of shaping a future fit, agile organisation, giving you clear ideas on how you can move ‘agile’ from the page and into practice.


Date: 6th October 2020

Time:  9am – 11am

Location: Online via Zoom

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