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Learning and Unlearning as a Leader

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Effective learning is collaborative
Engagement with learning in an organisation must be a two-way process to function effectively. In the past, learning has been a ‘push process’, with employers asserting themselves on the employees’ learning pathways; now, things are trending to a more collaborative approach, with employers shaping learning based on employee need.

How leaders learn is changing
Change is happening fast, with organisations facing new and unforeseen challenges. For leaders and their businesses to effectively overcome these obstacles, they must update their skillsets. What leaders need to
learn is changing; how they are learning it is changing too.

Unlearning to reach our potential
Future-fit organisations are becoming increasingly cognisant of the impact of transformational learning infrastructures on bolstering the long-term viability of the business. While learning is central to leadership,
unlearning leadership traits that hold us back is equally critical in reaching our true leadership potential.

This Interactive Graphic will lay out some of the key traits of leadership, what aspects should be learned and optimised – and which should be unlearned and discarded.

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