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Leadership is the vital ingredient that separates outstanding organisations from the chasing pack. It is the spark that distinguishes exceptional managers from their peers; the factor that motivates teams to produce more with less.

In the challenging times we all now face, strong leadership is widely recognised as the single most important factor in determining which organisations will survive and grow out of the recession, and which will not.

As a manager, the current environment is forcing you to face the most difficult leadership challenges of your career. The quality of the leadership that you provide to those around you will help determine your career trajectory over the coming years and help define your organisation’s success.

The IMI Diploma in Leadership is the IMI’s flagship leadership development programme. Its aim is simple – to dramatically enhance your practical leadership skills, awareness, impact and judgement. By completing the IMI Diploma in Leadership you will become a more confident, well-rounded and inspirational leader – capable of handling the challenges of the current environment and ready to step up to the next level in your career development.

Who This Programme Is For

Professionals at all levels seeking to maximise their personal impact and influence, master the psychology of leadership, develop a practical toolkit of leadership techniques and shape the direction of their organisations.

  • Duration: 18 Days
  • Location: IMI Campus
  • Next Programme: 22.04.2015
  • Modules: 6

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Next programme start dates: 22, 23, 24, April 2015

Module 1: 22, 23, 24 April 2015

Module 2: 13, 14, 15 May 2015

Module 3: 17, 18, 19 June 2015

Module 4: 26, 27, 28 August 2015

Module 5: 16, 17, 18 September 2015

Module 6: 14, 15, 16 October 2015




Programme Impact

As a participant on the IMI Diploma in Leadership you will:

  • Develop and apply a comprehensive toolkit of best-practice leadership techniques
  • Formulate a comprehensive range of practical recommendations for developing best-practice leadership throughout your organisation
  • Undertake a personal journey – developing a detailed understanding of your leadership style and development areas and enhancing your capabilities
  • Analyse how your personal leadership style matches the needs and demands of your organisation
  • Critically analyse and subsequently impact the leadership culture, processes, and needs of your organisation
Programme Content

MODULE 01 – The Meaning of Leadership

  • Major leadership models
  • Leader effectiveness and objective setting
  • Taking ownership for your Leadership Development
  • Contemporary organisational leadership

MODULE 02 The Psychology of Leadership

  • Psychometric & 360 analysis
  • The psychology of motivation
  • The leader/follower relationship
  • Sports psychology & leadership

MODULE 03 Leading Teams and Organisations

  • Building and inheriting teams
  • Managing team dysfunctions
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Developing and implementing strategic vision

MODULE 04 The Science of Interpersonal Influence

  • Building and using power
  • The art of influence
  • Maximising personal impact
  • Leadership networking
  • Organisational communication

MODULE 05 Leadership in Action

  • Outdoor experience in Killary
  • Adventure Centre
  • Challenging day-time and night-time activities that will put your leadership skills to the test

MODULE 06 Leading Change

  • Leading change
  • Taking charge and future planning
  • Organisational leadership audits
Programme Features

Theatre Based Leadership Presence

During Module 4 participants will take part in a practical workshop session with professional actors. You will work in one of Dublin’s leading theatres on your leadership communication and presence. The resulting learning will ensure your body language and verbal communication skills match the tone required for your team and organisation.

Personal Coaching

You will receive two in-depth personal executive coaching sessions during the programme. These sessions will help you develop a bespoke personal action plan to support your own leadership development.

Visiting Speaker Series

Each month a senior leadership figure will visit the programme for an with the class – including entrepreneurs and CEOs of multinational organisations. These sessions will give you the opportunity to debate learn techniques from, a faced leadership challenges at the highest level.

Leadership in Action

The penultimate module will be held at Killary Adventure Centre in Connemara. Here you will undertake an intensive three day practical leadership skills workshop. A series of challenging day-time and night-time exercises will draw together programme themes such as team-building, crisis management, reactions under stress and leading through adversity. IMI facilitators will monitor your performance throughout the workshop. Particular emphasis will be paid to detailed exercise debriefs and feedback.

Leadership Case Analysis

Real-life case studies relating to major programme themes will be regularly analysed in class. These will include analysis of leaders and leadership challenges for a variety of Irish and multinational contexts – bringing major leadership issues to the fore in robust classroom debate and forming part of the programme assessment.

Psychometric Analysis

You will receive in-depth, confidential psychometric style at the beginning of help identify your personal leadership strengths and your areas for development. The Emotional Capital Report (ECR) is the programme’s primary psychometric tool.

360 Degree Feedback

Early in the programme you will nominate relevant individuals from work and other contexts to undertake a confidential and comprehensive 360-degree analysis of your leadership style. This feedback will contribute to discussions in sessions.

Return on Investment

As part of the programme, you will develop a leadership blueprint for your your current leadership making a prioritised list of recommendations for change – driven by international best practice.

Participant Testimonials

“What this programme is really all about is your personal exploration of leadership and the ‘putting into practice’ of what you find there. All of the varied and rich learning experiences provided are geared to supporting your progress towards this simple but invaluable goal. Anyone with a real inner hunger for practical leadership improvement should therefore consider this programme.”
Paul Smith, Continuous Improvement Manager

“What I have learned from the IMI Diploma in Leadership is that you must figure out how to become the Chief Relationship Officer in your organisation. As an effective manager I was able to get things done, but as a leader I had to learn how to get things done through others, which starts with building relationships – above you, below you and around you. This programme is a fantastic opportunity to develop a truly comprehensive understanding of leadership
Peter Bosch, Director CFL Strategy, SMB

“The IMI Diploma in Leadership is an extremely well managed and organised programme with the perfect blend of leadership theory, practical application of concepts and team activities. The programme differentiates itself from others by integrating practical application with the theory and concepts introduced in class. You will learn how to cultivate the vital qualities and skills needed to successfully lead people, and build greater confidence in your ability to be a strong, effective and inspirational leader whom others will willingly follow.”
Colm Murphy, AppleCare BPR Manager

“Very valuable programme. It broadened my horizons way beyond expectation. In so many diverse ways the learning environment gave me the tools to challenge my view of leadership. Successfully integrating IMI specialists, influential industry specialists and inspiring guest speakers made this an unforgettable life experience
Tom Quinn, Service Delivery Manager

“The IMI Diploma in Leadership is something that enables leaders of organisations, teams or projects to elevate methods and theories to bring their performance to the next level. It encourages self anaylsis, how we understand the world and how our actions are interpreted by others. It encourages one to look up from the detail and help make strategy happen. I’ve 22 years of experience in domestic and international logistics at all levels and covered a lot of ground. This business still excites me and this IMI Diploma in Leadership was just what was required to insure that in these difficult times, my team in DHL and I are fit for purpose and even more importantly alert to opportunities. Truly an interactive, self reflecting, action provoking course run by professionals for professionals.”
Sean Moran, Director
DHL Sameday, DHL

“I enrolled on the IMI Diploma in Leadership with the hope that I would have the opportunity to learn from some of the best lecturers in the country and potentially meet people in similar roles. The experience I have had has been that and so much more. I have learned an enormous amount not only about the role of leadership, but also how I fit into that role. The lecturers have been highly qualified industry experts and the course directors have been very supportive throughout the programme. I have immensely enjoyed the chance to engage with other participants and learn from their wide and varied experiences. Leadership is a role too often taken for granted. This programme gives a very real insight into the opportunities, challenges and skills needed for leading in today’s economy.”
Rebekah Lyons, Managing Director
Portobello Institute

Payment Options

For 2014, the IMI offers promotional rates and innovative payment options that make our programmes more accessible than ever.

IMI prices are inclusive of teaching materials, meals and parking at the IMI Campus. These prices are only guaranteed for the 2014 intake of IMI Diplomas. We offer all our Diploma participants a 10% discount on double rooms at the IMI National Management Centre.

Organisations that purchase several IMI Diploma places in any calendar year may be eligible for MoB Corporate Partnership. By becoming an MoB Corporate Partner, your organisation can avail of considerable additional price discounts and other benefits. For more information on IMI pricing, financing options and MoB Corporate Partnership, contact the team at 1800 22 33 88 or email

Monthly Payments

Pay for your IMI Diploma by monthly payments spread over the duration of the programme. There is no interest charged for choosing this payment option. Terms and conditions apply.

IMI Staged Payments

Pay for 60% of your course in advance of its commencement and pay the 40% balance by January 13th 2015. There is no interest charged for choosing this payment option. Terms and conditions apply.

Loan Packages

Short term loan packages are now available to facilitate payment for MoB programmes. Eligibility for these loans will be determined by our financial partner.

Tax Relief on Tuition Fees

If you are paying for your tuition fees yourself, it is now possible to apply to the Revenue Commissioners for tax relief for this IMI programme. The amount of relief available varies from person to person, and may be as high as €1,400. Tax relief is allowable per programme, per participant, per academic year. Relief will not be available for any part of tuition fees which are met directly, or indirectly, by grants, scholarships, employer payments etc. Please see for further information on how to apply for this relief. All decisions on individual tax relief requests are subject to the discretion of the Revenue Commissioners.

For more information on IMI pricing, financing options and MoB Corporate Partnership
contact the team at 1800 22 33 88 or email

Just 3 Steps to a Master of Business

The Master of Business is based around a framework of eleven IMI Diploma Programmes.

By completing any two IMI Diplomas and a Business Research Project within a five year timeframe, you will earn 90 credits (the national standard for a Masters Qualification) and will be conferred the title ‘Master of Business’. The Master of Business and its constituent IMI Diplomas are accredited and awarded by University College Cork – National University of Ireland, Cork.

Master of Business Degree diagram

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Successfully complete any one of the suite of eleven IMI Diploma programmes.
  • Step 2: Successfully complete a second IMI Diploma of your choosing.*
  • Step 3: Successfully complete the IMI Business Research Project.

…And you’re there!


A key feature of the Master of Business (MoB) is its flexible timeframe, which allows you to tailor your participation around work/life demands. Whereas each of the three MoB steps takes approximately six months to complete, you have a five year window within which to complete all three steps and attain the MoB.

Therefore, depending on your preference, you can complete the MoB in two years, or within up to five years.

The MoB philosophy

Unlike traditional MBAs and Business Masters, the IMI’s MoB is driven by an intensely practical, action learning philosophy. Throughout the MoB, classroom learning is applied to real-life business challenges via exercises, group work, case studies and projects that centre on both your day-to-day work and the challenges currently facing your organisation. Both you and your organisation will derive genuine real-world benefit from your participation.

Who is eligible?

If you have earned a Level 9 award from another academic institution, or if you completed an IMI Diploma since October 2008, you may be considered eligible to proceed directly to the second stage of the MoB.

To clarify your status or to find out more contact or ring 1800 22 33 88.

Participants are required to provide evidence of relevant work-based learning at a
management level and/or should hold a relevant academic qualification at primary degree

Successful participants will be awarded the IMI Diploma in Leadership.

This qualification is accredited and awarded by University College Cork – National University of Ireland, Cork.

The IMI Diploma in Leadership is academically equivalent to a Postgraduate Certificate (level 9) Minor Award on the National Framework of Qualifications.

By completing this award, you will also earn one-third of the credits required to be awarded the IMI Master of Business qualification.

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Next programme start dates: 22, 23, 24, April 2015

Module 1: 22, 23, 24 April 2015

Module 2: 13, 14, 15 May 2015

Module 3: 17, 18, 19 June 2015

Module 4: 26, 27, 28 August 2015

Module 5: 16, 17, 18 September 2015

Module 6: 14, 15, 16 October 2015






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