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Presenting without fear

A lot has been written on presentation skills over the years. While some of this is very good and informative, some are full of myths and false truths. These myths and false truths have only served to increase the stress Read More…

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Pay Alone Won’t Motivate Us

I recently watched an entertaining TedTalk by Daniel Ariely. While Ariely’s style is engaging, his research is thorough. He’s done the hard work of gathering the necessary data to identify what constitutes effective employee engagement. I am emphasizing the science in Ariely’s work Read More…

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Why you need lots of good quality sleep

Sleep loss affects work performance, ethics, memory and health. Sleep is hugely under-rated as a cognitive enhancer – proper sleep is a necessity for learning and memory, processes at the core of cognition writes Professor Shane O’Mara. © But sleep has lots more functions than enhancing cognition. Insomnia is Read More…

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