Women benefit and companies profit from gender parity


According to the UN Global Gender Gap Report, we will reach gender parity in 2095. A shocking statistic but, unfortunately, not unfamiliar to many. In the war for talent, companies must acknowledge that this is an organisational issue rather than a women’s issue.  The 30% Club Canada reported on a global McKinsey study which identified that if gender parity was reached across all countries, it would amount to an additional $28 trillion to annual global GDP in 2025. The figures speak for themselves.

Organisations should consider the entire employee life cycle and identify how best a diverse workforce can add value both holistically and financially. To begin to address this issue in Ireland, the IMI and 30% club conducted a focus group with over 50 women in senior leadership roles, talking about the ‘inhibitors’ and ‘accelerators’ that women face in reaching senior leadership roles.

What emerged most strongly from the groups is the need for initiatives at an organisational level. Development programmes did feature strongly however, most participants favoured development programmes that will increase awareness of gender and other diversity, address unconscious bias and those which can lead to cultural change in organisations i.e. all managers can benefit from this, not only women. The need to give solid evidence and build a real concrete business case for the diversity and inclusion agenda has been found to be one of the most effective ways to change the narrative in most organisations.

The findings have been captured in the infographic below. Click here to view the infographic as a pdf.



Click here to view the infographic as a pdf.