IMI Webinar Series 2019 #1: CXPA – The Future of Customer Experience

IMI Webinar Series 2019 #1: CXPA - The Future of Customer Experience

Across the globe, strategies of customer centricity have been proven time and time again to be the single most important driver of business success. Whether it’s Return on Investment data from global management consultancies; Forrester, Bain or Temkin it all shows that Customer Experience leaders outperform the market. Nevertheless, Bain tell us that eight out of nine global customer-centric programmes fail. The reasons for failure are manifold but, according to CXPA’s experience, they fail mostly due to lack of coherence of strategy across brand, operations and customer experience.

During the upcoming webinar session on the 25 Feb 2019, IMI and CXPA will discuss some of the theory of CX, and give a flavour of the key aspects that are important to deliver success from this strategy. The session will also explore creating a customer-centric culture, Brand, CX coherence, employee engagement, journey mapping and Measurement. CXPA will also share their experience from an Irish context with case studies.

This webinar is suitable for Mid-level and senior managers looking to operationalise CX strategy to win and retain customers against competitors and drive profitable growth.

Speaker: Clare Kavanagh
Date: 25 Feb 2019
Time: 12:00 PM
Where: Online

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