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Ben Davern

Ben Davern

4th Jun 2024

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Are you a Developing Manager? Then You Need These Three Essential Skills

In the dynamic and ever-changing business landscape, the journey to becoming an effective manager and leader is riddled with challenges that demand continuous growth and adaptation. For those with at least six months managerial experience, this journey involves addressing a myriad of aspects that extend beyond routine tasks. In this exploration, we delve into three essential and multifaceted skills for effective management, emphasising the real-world hurdles faced by developing managers in their journey towards a successful management career.

1. People Skills: The Foundation of Effective Management

Effective communication, influencing skills, giving feedback, resolving conflict, motivating people – these are the cornerstones upon which successful management is built. As a developing manager, one of the primary challenges is mastering the delicate art of managing people. In an era where information flows ceaselessly, the ability to convey messages with clarity and impact is paramount.

Resolving conflicts within a team, another integral skill, often proves a complex puzzle. The delicate balance between acknowledging diverse perspectives and ensuring a harmonious working environment requires finesse and tact. Motivating a team towards a common goal is a challenge that demands an understanding of individual and collective drivers. This involves observation, and an ability to look for biases and nuances within team relationships and working environments in order to ensure equity.

2. Leadership and Teamwork: Cultivating the Seeds of Innovation

The journey from manager to leader involves more than just a change in title. It’s about discovering your identity as a leader and fostering an environment that inspires creativity and innovation. Leading a team goes beyond merely assigning tasks; it involves creating a space where ideas can flourish, and each team member feels empowered to contribute meaningfully. Psychological safety is crucial.

But navigating the waters of teamwork can be turbulent. Balancing diverse skill sets and personalities while maximising personal development requires astute leadership. The challenge lies in aligning individual goals with overarching team objectives, creating a symbiotic relationship that propels everyone toward success. To successfully go from manager to leader requires one to develop a high performing team: not only possessing the ability to grow a team, but also in developing strategies and techniques to enhance team performance.

3. Business Skills: From Planning to Problem-Solving

Understanding the role of the manager in the larger business context is essential. Effective business planning, work organisation and alignment of priorities are key components of this understanding. Creating effective business plans involves not only strategic thinking but also the ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges.

Creative problem-solving, delegation and empowerment are indispensable skills for any manager. Managing conflicting priorities and understanding the intricacies of human resources are challenges that demand a nuanced approach. As a developing manager, the ability to navigate these challenges becomes a measure of your effectiveness in steering the ship through turbulent waters.

Essential Skills of Management

In our exploration of the impacts and challenges faced by developing managers, the emphasis is always on the practical aspects of the journey. These challenges form the backbone of the IMI programme, Essential Skills of Management. Designed to empower and elevate your management capabilities, the programme offers a comprehensive toolkit for managers seeking to overcome these challenges and emerge as effective leaders.

Remember, the journey from a developing manager to a seasoned leader is a continuous process. By acknowledging and addressing these challenges head-on, you pave the way for personal and professional growth. Now enrolling for July 2024, the Essential Skills of Management virtual programme awaits those ready to embark on this transformative journey, providing the guidance and tools needed to navigate the complexities of modern management successfully in a flexible, virtual environment.

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