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13th Feb 2024

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In a recent webinar hosted by Jamil Qureshi, a renowned performance coach and expert in innovative thinking, the spotlight was on the crucial concept of thinking differently to achieve greater success in business. From embracing diversity to challenging conventional norms, the session delved deep into the mindset shifts necessary for senior business leaders to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.

Embracing Different Thinking

Jamil kicked off the session by highlighting the importance of embracing different thinking patterns. He provocatively questioned how often we hear the phrase “think differently” without truly understanding its essence. The key, he suggested, lies in fostering diverse viewpoints and mindsets within organisations.

He emphasised that success isn’t merely about doing more of the same but about daring to explore new territories. Whether it’s through personal introspection or connecting seemingly unrelated ideas, true success stems from innovative thinking.


Cultivating Psychological Safety

Central to Jamil’s message was the idea of fostering high diversity and psychological safety within teams. He argued that the ultimate competitive advantage lies in learning faster and better than competitors, necessitating an environment where diverse perspectives are not only welcomed but encouraged.

Moreover, Jamil underscored the power of persuasion, noting that the best way to sell an idea is to make others believe it was their own. This subtle shift in approach can lead to greater acceptance and collaboration within organisations.


Motivation and Mindset

Delving into the realm of motivation, Jamil challenged conventional wisdom by highlighting the stark difference between being driven by aspirations versus avoiding failure. Drawing parallels between success and personal mindset, he emphasised the importance of cultivating a growth mindset to overcome fear of failure and embrace innovation.

Jamil also touched upon the often-overlooked aspect of storytelling in business. He argued that storytelling creates emotional connections and transcends cultural boundaries, making it a powerful tool for communication and engagement within organisations.

Offering practical strategies for fostering innovation, Jamil introduced the concept of gamification as an equaliser. By encouraging leaders to imagine scenarios such as tripling prices or providing services for free, he challenged them to think outside the box and explore new possibilities.


Additionally, he advocated for the “act as if” approach, urging leaders to embody the mindset of their desired outcomes. Whether aspiring to be a top-ranked professional or implementing organisational changes, adopting the behaviours associated with success can pave the way for tangible results.

Championing a Culture of Learning

Finally, Jamil stressed the importance of celebrating learning moments and embracing failure as opportunities for growth. He encouraged leaders to shift their focus from praising outcomes to acknowledging efforts and characteristics that contribute to continuous improvement.

In essence, Jamil’s webinar offered senior business leaders a roadmap for unlocking success through innovative thinking, diverse perspectives, and a culture of continuous learning. By challenging conventional norms and embracing change, organisations can position themselves as pioneers in an ever-evolving business landscape. As Jamil aptly concluded, the choice between being brave or becoming obsolete rests in the hands of today’s leaders.

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