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IMI National Management Conference

IMI NMC 2015

Reinventing Organisations – Rethinking Leadership

The IMI National Management Conference 2015, Ireland’s premier networking post for senior leadership, will take place at the IMI Conference Centre on Thursday 8th October. This exclusive post will attract an audience of over 250 of the country’s top public and private sector leaders.
This year’s conference brings together an outstanding line-up of speakers with fresh insights on the business challenges you are facing.
Speakers include national and international thought leaders such as Yves MorieuxEmma Birchall and Rory Sutherland. It promises to be an illuminating and thought-provoking post and as always an excellent place to network with the country’s leading C-level executives.

Book your place today

Registration for the post is now open.  As places are limited and booking up fast, please register here before 6pm, Tuesday 22nd September.

Critical business challenges addressed this year

Organisations today are navigating an increasingly complex world. Syncing a business strategy with rapid socio-economic and cultural change is a moving challenge. Keeping pace with dynamic human behaviour requires a different kind of leadership.
Structures, practices and processes created to deliver goods and services in the last century will no longer support the 21st Century Organisation. Command and control leadership models, will not deliver the creative solutions to solve today’s complex problems. This complexity requires us to rethink how we design our organisations and how we understand management and leadership. It is calling for a new paradigm of organisation.
But what does this look like? And how will it be led? To find out more, book your place now!

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