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Hugh Torpey

Hugh Torpey

18th Dec 2019

Content Manager at IMI


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Building the Future – Concern Partnership with IMI

Hasina Rahman (centre) of Concern after giving IMI staff an update on Concern’s work in helping the Rohingya refugees after they escaped the violence against them in Myanmar.

In 2019, IMI supported 88 Concern leaders from 20 countries by providing them complementary executive development. In total, the value of the programmes exceeded €300,000.

These programmes will build management skills across the organisation, provide key skills to staff and allow Concern leaders to take the time and space to allow them to think strategically about their work.

In line with our mission to ‘Equip Leaders to Build the Future’ IMI partnered with Concern to provide complementary diploma and short programmes to leaders throughout the year.

With more than 3,900 staff of 50 nationalities, Concern operates in 25 of the world’s poorest countries, helping people to achieve major and long-lasting improvements in their lives. Last year 11.5 million people were reached by Concern through their emergency response teams, and 17.6 million people through health interventions provided by Concern.

‘The jobs we do as professionals in western, affluent countries are tough and stressful, no question, but it is sobering when you hear about managing services for a million refugees who weren’t there a few months previously, or providing life-saving care to a malnourished child’ said Simon Boucher, CEO of IMI. ‘All I can do is congratulate the Concern leaders on what they do and achieve every day – the best way IMI can support their work is by providing them with the knowledge we have to make their lives, and the people they provide for, a little bit better.’

The programmes chosen by Concern leaders included short programmes such as Advanced Negotiation Skills, Finance for the Non-Financial Manager, Innovative Problem Solving, Front Line Management, Managing People, and Professional Diplomas in Executive Coaching, Leadership and Organisational Behaviour.

To donate to Concern, go to www.Concern.net/donate