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Episode 64 | Creativity in Leaders with Fredrik Haren

This week on the IMI Talking Leadership podcast, we are joined by Fredrik Haren, who recently joined us as a speaker at 2022’s IMI National Management Conference. Fredrik provided some insights into the role that creativity plays in leadership, and how it is an integral aspect of becoming a successful leader.

Fredrik Haren is The Creativity Explorer. He has spent the last 25 years traveling the world to learn as much as he can about human creativity. He is the author of ten books – including “the idea book” which was included in “the 100 best business books of all time” and Fredrik has been invited to speak more than 2000 times in 70 countries on 5 continents. As The Creativity Explorer, he aims to discover more about human creativity, be it from innovators in Silicon Valley or nomads in the desert of Mongolia.

This conversation was recorded in October 2022.

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