Why choose this programme?

Your graduate recruits are one of your organisation’s biggest assets, but only if they are properly trained and managed. Most graduates are bursting with enthusiasm, energy and potential but it’s vital that you channel it in the right direction.

Our Customised Graduate programmes are tailored to give your graduates and developing talent the commercial acumen, leadership and people skills needed in the workplace – problem solving, critical thinking, communications, and working in teams. We develop over 600 graduates each year, making us one of the biggest providers of graduate development in Ireland.

This programme is for you if…

You are seeking to develop a
cohort of graduates that can become the next generation of managers in your organisation – and deliver real impacts today.

Client success story: Musgrave

We’ve partnered with Musgrave on their graduate programme across multiple, award-winning years of their graduate programme.

Siobhain Scanlon, Early Careers Manager at Musgrave, tells the story.

Key takeaways

Professional Skills

From untrained student to ready-now professional. Your graduates will develop the technical and people skills needed in the workplace.


A group of graduates working with purpose and inspired to perform. Have your graduates feeling empowered to succeed and committed to your organisation's mission.

Talent Pipeline

Recruit and develop the top talent in the marketplace. Give them the skills they need to succeed, and the inspiration to succeed with you.

Programme Themes

Professional skills

Developing the professional skills and standard of professionalism you demand in your organisation.

Behaviours and personal awareness

Improving communication and presentation abilities, becoming more personally effective in the workplace.

Leadership skills

How to lead within the collective and become aware of the standard of leadership practice your organisations requires.

Commercial thinking

Develop the business acumen and financial grounding to think through the commercial prism.

Collaborative working

Work with their peers and senior managers to deliver strategic projects again and again.

Organisational effectiveness

Develop the ability to work within your organisation’s unique environment, committing to reaching the levels of management and leadership required.


Only 11% of C-level executives strongly agree that college graduates have the skills and competencies their business needs.


63% of graduates don’t feel fully prepared for the world of work.


The top three skills graduates want to learn or boost: 1. Networking 2. Commercial awareness 3. Leadership or management.

Client success story: Kerry

Emer Bradley, Talent Manager, Kerry, describes how their IMI custom graduate programme has impacted their organisation.

A partner of IMI's for 20 years, Kerry's current CEO is a former graduate themselves.

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