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Transformational Leadership in Sustainability

Course Overview

IMI, in association with the UCC Environmental Research Institute (ERI), identified the key challenges and obstacles facing leaders and organisations seeking to implement a sustainability agenda.

Grounded in best practice, this highly practical programme will equip participants with the transformational leadership capabilities needed to successfully embed change and achieve sustainability goals.

This is the right programme for you if you understand the need to develop a cohort of strong advocates for change, who have the confidence and ability to influence this critical agenda and cascade it throughout your organisation.

Programme Details

Programme Start Date
09 September 2024
IMI Campus Dublin
6 days (non-consecutive)
Sustainability professionals and senior leaders
Programme Fee
€28,000 per organisation
Transformational Leadership in Sustainability
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Community of Practice
Like-minded senior leaders will come together to create a movement of sustainability to accelerate transformational change in organisations.
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Sustainability Task & Impact Plan
Participants will be asked to relate learnings directly to the sustainability initiatives and strategy existing in their organisation, and complete a sustainability task plan.
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Expert Speakers
Guest speakers with sustainability expertise and industry leaders will share their knowledge and experience with participants.
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Peer Learning Circles
Peer learning groups will meet between workshops to discuss progress, experiences and reflections on the programme, with a particular focus on applying learnings to their sustainability task plan.
Meet the programme director

Programme Overview

Programme Director Mary Cronin gives an overview of how this new programme will help to build the leadership capacity needed to drive and deliver transformational change in organisations.

Build your leadership capacity to drive and deliver transformational change in the organisation.
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