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Education isn’t just about exams and assignments. Sometimes learning about yourself can be the challenge, as David Beausang, Head of Sales and Marketing at CoreHR, found out on the IMI Senior Executive Programme

What is your career background?

I’m delighted to have worked since 2013 with the great team at CoreHR. We help hundreds of thousands of employees all over the UK and Ireland to work more efficiently, from hiring to retiring, using smarter HR  and Payroll technology. We’re an Irish based company that is making considerable global progress. I’m currently their Head of Sales and Marketing, having previously worked in sales, consultancy, outsourcing as well as working overseas in the Middle East and Australia with similarly successful companies such as Slainte Healthcare.

Why did you choose the Senior Executive programme ?

There were a lot of reasons but the most important one was for me to be able to see the gaps that I didn’t even know were there that were preventing me from being the best colleague, manager, leader and person that I could be. I know that sounds a bit starry-eyed but I felt that I would benefit from being tested in a reputable executive environment and identify the unknown unknowns which would enable me to progress further in my career.

What were the highlights?

If I was to chose one, it would be the 360 and the coach that I was assigned to JP McIvor. I learnt an incredible amount from him which I put to immediate use (Thanks for the free advice JP!). Apart from that it would be a long list; the speakers, the knowledge sharing and transfer with the other participants, the lunches (and obviously the desserts!). I’d recommend to anyone reading this to have a look at who the guest speakers are and do a bit of research about them. Imagine having the opportunity to learn from them in a small group environment?

learn about yourself

What were the challenges?

I initially found that the lack of an academic test or end-of-course assessment to be a challenge and then I realised, mid-course, that the challenge was actually myself. I was the test and the assessment. The 360 exercise really brought that home to me and I would rate that as the biggest challenge and also to have been the biggest subsequent learning experience which has stood to me.

What impact has the course had on your career?

I directly attribute the promotion that I was lucky enough to have been awarded in work, from Head of Partnerships to Head of Sales and Marketing, to the course and frankly, what I have learnt has helped me every day since.

What impact has the course had on your organisation?

CoreHR has an active learning culture and a number of my colleagues are attending courses at the IMI over the coming months; along with a staff development programme which operates here. In relation to the impact of the course on my colleagues, you’d have to ask them but they did get me a cake for my birthday recently so it didn’t do any lasting damage!

What is your advice to people planning further study?

Have a look at your lifestyle and see what would fit you the best. Really assess your needs to see what you need and find a course that fits. Sometimes a retune can be more effective than a new engine!

For more information on the Senior Executive Programme click here or speak to one of our programme advisors on programmeadvisors@imi.ie or 1800 22 33 88. 

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