Professional Diplomas at IMI

Enhance your leadership capabilities and make long-lasting, sustainable impacts in your organisation with our suite of Professional Diplomas this Spring.

Find the Professional Diploma that will take you to the next level by registering now for our Online Information Events. You can register for multiple information sessions from the list below.

During each session, participants will receive a comprehensive overview from the relevant Programme Director and hear from a past participant of the programme. 

Our internationally recognised Professional Diplomas, awarded by UCC, will empower you to influence and lead in a multitude of environments and redefine your potential as a future-fit leader.

Executive Coaching: 30th January 2023, 10am Register

Leadership: 30th January 2023, 12pm Register

Management: 31st January 2023, 10am Register

Digital Leadership: 31st January 2023, 12pm Register

Strategy and Innovation: 1st February 2023, 10am Register

Business Finance: 1st February 2023, 12pm Register

Organisational Development and Transformation: 2nd February 2023, 10am Register

Organisational Behaviour:  2nd February 2023, 12pm Register