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 Lynda Gratton

Lynda Gratton

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Redesigning Work: How to Transform Your Organisation: Lynda Gratton

This session will discuss the future of work and how companies and individuals will prepare? Using an innovative four step framework for redesigning work Lynda will help you:

• Understand the challenges your business is facing
• Reimagine creative, new approaches and processes
• Model and test these within your organisation
• Act and create based on contemporary, data-led feedback

Lynda is a Professor of Management Practice at the London Business School and founder of the advisory practice HSM Advisory. Lynda is an award-winning author and global thought leader on the future of work and the role of the corporation. Her ten books have sold overa million copies and have been translated into more than 20 languages.

Date: 6th November 2024

Time: 9am – 2pm

Venue: In person event, IMI Dublin


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We do on occasion have complimentary tickets for non-members, please email events@imi.ie to enquire.