Knowledge Centre

“One of the really important benefits of Corporate Membership to PEI has been access to the IMI Knowledge Centre. The Business & Learning Resources that are available online, combined with the expert help available through the Knowledge Centre Team can really provide tangible support to the business. More importantly, they’ve enabled me to introduce new ideas and an external perspective into the organisation. I am actively encouraging managers at all levels in the organisation to get involved and make the most of our IMI Corporate Membership.”

Anna Maire McQuillan HR Manager, PEI Limited

Unlimited access to IMI’s Business & Learning Resources

IMI’s Knowledge Centre offers you access to the biggest and best collection of business and learning resources available to organisations in Ireland. Available online 24/7, this invaluable resource provides on-the-job support for your entire management population from your Frontline Team to your High Potentials through to the Senior Executive Team. It offers access to current thinking, best-practice and business intelligence as well as practical tools, techniques and continuous learning for busy managers. You can also tap into a selection of market and industry reports and competitive intelligence data.

Just-in-time learning resources for on-the-job support when you need it
As learning has shifted from a ‘just-in-case’ to a ‘just-in-time’ model, organisations need to find cost effective ways of providing access for their managers to the right resources at the right time. The IMI Knowledge Centre offers access to practical resources designed to help your managers be more effective, manage with confidence and take charge of their own professional development. Tap into management best-practice guides, checklists, templates, executive summaries, self-assessment tools and much more.

Information Consultation – NEW
Tailored content service available to Large and Corporate Plus Members
We know from experience that your organisation will benefit even more from our Business & Learning Resources if they are customised to meet your unique needs. Our team will work with you to tailor our resources to inform the key issues faced by your organisation and complement your particular competency framework. Available to Large Corporate and Corporate Plus Members, our Information Consultation service will provide you with relevant content for your intranet, regular journal updates and topic alerts to enable you to mine our content for maximum value.

Just Ask! – NEW
Our Knowledge Centre is staffed by a team of Information Professionals who are available to assist you by phone, email or in person with any business or management query you may have. If you have a question and you don’t know where to find the answer, please Just Ask!