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Leadership success factors – what matters in the journey?

Over the last year, we’ve asked a lot of managers from different types of businesses about their management journeys and reflections into what they’ve learnt along the way.


What can we see from the varied careers and journeys of these managers?

From an entrepreneurs CEO’s insights into how the network (and the right dashboards) drive success to a technology start-up CEO looking to turn their eye for opportunities into tangible ROI for their organisation

We’ve heard how one CEO manages work-life balance in a way that allows for a focus on continuous learning and how development supported one manager all the way from line manager to Operations Manager.

We also heard a team manager’s insights into translating ‘learning on your feet’ into ‘performance management’ at the front lines of a European ranked rugby team and a high performance sports coach’s thoughts on the importance of vision and purpose.

Many cited the role of luck and the contributing factors of having a strong team to work with but what about on a personal level? What do they all have in common that might has contributed to their success?

In all cases we found that these managers touched on three common personal traits that played a role in their journey to where they are now…

1. an understanding of how they had wanted to drive growth

2. insight into the particular skills that they would bring to bear in driving that growth

3. a constant focus on committing the time to achieving their goals

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