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CPD 4 2015: Do Incentives Work? Yes, BUT…

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Our fourth workshop in our 2015 series of CPD Workshops for Managers kicks of on Tuesday December 1st, with a session on Do Incentives Work? Yes, BUT…  led by Olive Fives.
Compensation is, on average, an organisation’s largest operating cost: within that individual Performance Related Pay (PRP/ incentives,  in the form of bonuses, commission, merit pay, etc) is almost ubiquitous in the private sector and increasingly used in public sector.
Most of the research into the efficacy and impact of workplace PRP concludes that incentives work; they have an impact, often a very powerful impact, on both performance and motivation.
However, incentives often stimulate unintended and undesired outcomes (gaming the system, sabotage, short-termism), cause administrative challenges in terms of process (e.g. Issues of justice, transparency and expectations) and management challenges in terms of motivation and competition (e.g. Having difficult conversations about actual vs expected awards).

This session will cover:

  • Why incentives have unintended impacts: the factors which shape our experience of incentives
  • Key practices which support incentives
  • How to integrate incentives and other HR/ management practices

Participants should leave with an understanding of the positive and negative impacts of incentives, and how to improve the effectiveness of PRP programmes.

Date: 01 December 2015

Time: Registration 8.00am – 8.30am | Workshop 8.30am – 10.00am

Venue: IMI Conference Centre, Sandyford, Dublin 16

Fees: See separate tab.

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