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CPD 1 2015: Working with Mindfulness

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Our 2015 series of CPD Workshops for Managers kicks off on Thursday March 12th, with a session on Working with Mindfulness led by Rasmus Hougaard of The Potential Project (TPP).
Businesses today operate under intense pressure to produce results. In the 24/7 pressurised, always on, information-overloaded environment of the typical modern workplace, it can be difficult to focus our attention on what is really important. Indeed the ability to manage our attention may be one of the key management skills of the 21st century.
This CPD Workshop will show why and how Fortune 500 companies are using mindfulness training to significantly increase job performance, resilience, creativity and work-life balance.

The session will cover:

  • What mindfulness is and what the science is telling us
  • Benefits to you and your organisation
  • How to apply mindfulness in the workplace
  • A mindfulness training session

Participants should leave with a clear understanding of how they can practically use mindfulness to benefit themselves, their team, and their business.

About the Potential Project:

Head-quartered in Copenhagen, The Potential Project is an international organisation working across the globe with leading organisations to achieve better performance and results through corporate-based mindfulness training. See The Potential Project to find out more. 
Date: 12th March 2015
Time: Registration 7.30am – 8.30am | Workshop 8.30am – 10.00am
Venue: IMI Conference Centre, Sandyford, Dublin 16
Fees & Registration: See separate tab. 


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