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IMI Membership: Collaborate to Innovate

Ideas. They are the currency of the information economy
. Our organisations are set-up to both take advantage of the latest ones and to steal a march on our competitors by creating our own.

What we can’t afford to do, though, is to miss out on one.

IMI’s Membership Community is a melting pot for ideas; a place to network, collaborate and innovate. We bring world-leading experts to you so you can bring their expertise back to your business.

Through our events, you and your colleagues will be exposed to the latest ideas making the world spin faster, allowing you to deliver continuous development opportunities within your company throughout the year.

We split our membership into two levels – Inform and Transform – that allow you to choose based on the challenges you face and the solutions you require.


membership gives access to cutting-edge and contemporary insights that can be applied back in the workplace.


membership is for organisations that want to achieve a step change in performance.

The next great idea is just around the corner – we’ll be there waiting to tell you it.