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Why choose this programme?

Managing teams virtually has its own unique set of challenges and leaders who can identify and resolve these are the ones who will succeed in this evolving business landscape.

If you want to develop strategies to help your team navigate this new way of working, improve virtual communication remotely, support and motivate your team, unlock the benefits of remote working and pave the way for a hybrid workplace, this programme will help you succeed.

This programme is for you if…

You want to use best practice virtual leadership techniques to help keep your team engaged and productive.

Key takeaways

Out with the Old, In with the New

Workplaces are currently undergoing an evolution in terms of how people work. With remote working fast becoming the “new norm”, organisations need to adapt to accommodate it. Recognising the challenges and identifying the opportunities of remote working will help your organisation make the most out of the situation.

Communication and Collaboration are Key

Ensuring that virtual communication is easy and that your team members have access to all the tools they need to collaborate effectively will go a long way towards facilitating remote working. Building a culture of shared leadership among individuals, teams and managers is also vital.

Future-proofing Your Business

Research shows that remote working will most likely be with us for quite some time and most workplaces will move towards a hybrid model, which involves a mix of digital and in-person interactions. Getting on board with this workplace evolution and adapting to a virtual way of working now will equip your organisation for the future.

Programme Themes

Improving Communication

Examine your methods and tools of communication and see how you can optimise these for smoother and more natural virtual communication.

Building Engagement

Focus on how to keep teams engaged, motivated and productive while working remotely.

Nurturing Culture

Learn how to keep remote teams connected and cohesive and facilitate collaboration.

Supporting Wellbeing

Support your team’s mental and physical wellbeing and help them to develop healthy work practices in a remote working environment.

Managing Performance

Determine how best to meet your targets and goals while adapting to this new virtual way of working.

Accommodating Difference

Consider the impact of remote working on different personalities and learn how to play to their strengths.

Hiring Remotely

Examine the considerations and logistics of hiring remotely and the best approach to inducting new team members onto existing teams.

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