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The Senior Executive Programme (SEP) is IMI’s flagship development programme for senior business leaders. The SEP delivers a transformative learning experience that focuses on the role of leaders in driving and sustaining corporate success in uncertain times.  This dynamic, cross-disciplinary programme is aimed at senior leaders from all functional backgrounds and from a range of industries.

Participants will be able to demonstrate a high level of achievement in their career to date. Executive directors and senior line managers, including general managers and functional heads from medium and large companies, have made up the majority of attendees on this programme in recent years. The programme is aimed at high calibre individuals with 10 years experience from private, public, for profit and not for profit organisations. Participants will have a desire to enhance an already impressive track record through a hunger to learn and to gain exposure to new ideas and strategic perspectives.


The SEP runs on a consortium basis – the majority of each cohort is composed of groups of executives from a number of organisations, creating a unique classroom dynamic. Participants gain leading-edge strategies and best practice insight to enable enhanced decision making in challenging environments. Participating organisations gain the benefit of their top executives collectively undertaking a world-class developmental experience and working together on facilitated business projects that directly apply programme learning back in the workplace in real time, delivering bottom line value back in the organisation.

The SEP also accepts individuals who already are, or are targeted to become senior team members in thier organisations.  View our Individual Brochure for more information.

  • Duration: 13 Days
  • Location: IMI Campus
  • Next Programme: Consortia 26.05.2015 Open 27.05.2015


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Dates for Consortia Programme;

26/27/28 May, 23/24/25 June, 08/09 Sept, 12/13 Oct, 18/19 Nov and 17 December 2015

Dates for Open Programme;

27/28/29 May, 24/25/26 June, 09/10 Sept, 13/14 Oct, 19/20 Nov and 18 December 2015



Senior Executive programme details:

Understand Self and Others

A dynamic introduction to the new, networked and interdependent business environment. Expectations for leaders in this environment, and how leaders themselves can be catalysts for sustainable growth, will be explored.

Participants will leave with a clear sense of their own leadership style and development needs in the context of their organisation’s strategic business challenges.

Understand the Environment

This module will focus on innovation and agility as the only sources of competitive advantage in today’s constantly changing global marketplace. Emphasis will be given to the concept of strategic innovation and how this type of innovation can be promoted in organisations.

Participants will leave with a clear understanding of exactly what strategic innovation is all about, why it is so difficult to achieve and how to promote it in their organisations. They will also understand their role as leaders in creating an organisational environment that promotes innovation in their companies.

Building Organisational Agility

This module will introduce participants to the new world of work where organisational agility is increasingly important, and to the mechanisms that modern organisations have adopted to manage in this shifting landscape.

Participants will leave with an understanding of the level of agility that will be required for their organisation to compete globally as well as tools and methods available to build that agility.

Evaluate Growth Options

This module will focus in on the resourcing and financing aspects of any growth or development initiative; what is needed to evaluate risk, to assess how an investment should be made and rolled out and to realistically take account of all of the required resources.

Participants will leave will a toolset for the evaluation of investment decisions and how resources can be aligned to investment decisions which they will apply specifically to the implementation of their own organisational projects.

Launchplan for Success

This module will focus on the commitment and strategic implementation skills required to drive growth within their organisation.

Participants will leave with a sense of the journey as a whole, from a personal and organisational perspective. Each participant will leave with a plan outlining the next 90 days in their role with the organisation.

There are no formal entry criteria. However, this is a demanding programme and suitability of candidates will be assessed at a pre-programme discussion with the programme director. The purpose of the discussion is to ensure a good fit between the candidate and the diploma programme. Several years’ work experience at management level will normally be expected.

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Next programme dates;

Dates for Consortia Programme;

26/27/28 May, 23/24/25 June, 08/09 Sept, 12/13 Oct, 18/19 Nov and 17 December 2015

Dates for Open Programme;

27/28/29 May, 24/25/26 June, 09/10 Sept, 13/14 Oct, 19/20 Nov and 18 December 2015

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