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30 words your business needs to hear? Friday Blog Roundup

We began our Six Word Wisdom series in June of last year. Since then we have spoken to a variety of thinkers in the field of management and organisational development to ask them to condense for us their advice for business into just six words… It's building up to be quite a collection….we thought it was time for a recap. So what have our contributors said?

They have pointed out the importance of taking account of the individual when trying to build succesful organisations:

Build the Organisation of Your Dreams – Prof. Garreth Jones

Everybody counts – Develop the human now! – Doug Silsbee 

They have pointed out the need for all businesses – of all sizes – to take account of the power of big data and analytics:

Learn to compete with Data. Now. – Dr. Thomas C. Redman

And they have told us that we are not in Kansas anymore and that we have to stay agile and focus on the differentiated value of what we are offering:

Rewrite your playbook for transient advantage – Prof Rita McGrath

Develop a compelling customer value proposition – Prof. John Fahy All in all 30 words that say a lot. We'll be continuing to grow the series as we call on the expertise of those in our network.

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