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The new CEO

What if I told you your company has a new CEO?

And there is more…..he is passionate and very active, he is a brand ambassador and is empowered with knowledge! Does it ring a bell?….


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..well let me tell you more about him. He is always in control, he doesn’t like to be told what to think, he wants to tell you what he thinks, and he will spread the word around his network so you better get to know your new boss or you will be in big trouble!.

Of course you know now this is your customers – your new CEO.

I keep a close eye to the Fortune 500 companies as I am always so impressed with the way they do their marketing, they spend so much money and effort into advertising, PR campaigns, etc. to tell their customers and prospective customers how great their brand is.

I’m sure the same applies to your own business; your advertising and PR messages are about what you want your customers to think of your brand. But things have changed; now you are no longer in control of your brand!

Traditionally we had the perception of control because we didn’t hear the negative things customers were saying and when we lost a customer we could only speculate as to why. It is different now as customers use social media to communicate the good and specially the bad.

This gives us businesses a great opportunity to understand customers better and to change the way we do business to support our customers.


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It’s a change in how we think.. but look at your own behaviour – how you get your information, where you participate online, where you read your news – you can tell things have changed. But for some reason we want to hold on to the idea that we have control over how people perceived our brands!

Empower your CEO with knowledge, experience, and the tools they need to be part of your organisation. It is collaboration which will make your brand a success!


Eva Perez is the programme director of the IMI Diploma in Marketing and Digital Strategy. Eva has over 10 years of lecturing experience in the areas of digital marketing strategy and implementation. Eva is an active researcher and member of the research committee in IADT  and also acts as a consultant, coach and trainer to small organisations around her network. 

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