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Event Insights: Risks and Opportunities for the Human-AI Age with Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Apr 24

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Mar 12

The 7 Step Plan for Improving Your Negotiation Skills

Mar 1

From Great Resignation to Great Reimagination: An Irish Perspective – Webinar Insights

Feb 19
IMI Members recently had the chance to join a highly informative webinar, hosted in partnership with Deloitte. We heard from Jon Kelleher and Anusha Monga, who are Managers on the Deloitte Human Capit

Are you a Developing Manager? Then You Need These Three Essential Skills

Feb 12

The 7 Principles of Communicating for Performance

Feb 9

Insights from the People Strategy Network Event with Mervyn Dinnen

Oct 31

Building Capabilities for High Performance – Insights from Ronan O’Gara at IMI’s National Leadership Conference

Oct 25