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IMI Masterclass 1: The future of work – Managing careers across the lifespan

Digitalisation and globalisation are fundamentally changing how organisations conduct their business. 92% of CEOs and CHROs tell us they believe their organisation’s structure must change in response to these forces. As structure changes, so does the nature of work and careers. Yet while leaders have given the changing nature of organisational structure much thought, they have tended to overlook how they will need to manage the changing nature of work and careers.

As natural and employment lifespans increase, and societal changes bring ever more dual career couples into the workplace, organisations will be able to access a richer and elongated leadership pipeline. This has profound implications for how organisations manage the workforce and capitalise on its leadership potential. Currently, most organisations have a fixed view of leadership talent that is closely tied to demographic groups. The high potential pool are mid twenties to late thirties, in the forties we separate those who can achieve very senior positions from those who will have a slower ascent, those in their 50s are the organisation’s primary leaders. To benefit from societal and lifespan changes however organisations will need to rethink this model.

Jennifer’s research on the future of work, and on the growing trend of dual career couples, suggests that by changing their models of career management organisations will be able to capture new talent and capitalise on the extended employment of their existing pool. Her research also shows how those in dual career couples can take advantage of their position and thrive in their careers and relationship.

Topics on the day will include:

  • The changing demographics of work

  • Societal changes and their impacts on organisations

  • Dual career couples

The aims of the session are for attendees to gain an understanding of the changing nature of demographics and careers, have thoughts on how their organisations can adapt to capitalise on these changes and gain insights into how those in dual career couples can manage their careers of their lifespans.


Date:      21st February 2017

Time:    9.00 -13.00 Masterclass

Venue:   IMI Conference Centre, Sandyford Road, Dublin 16

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