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IMI Talent Forum 1:The (un)known (un)known’s of Talent Strategy: Assumptions and Expectations for your Talent Strategy design

Kevin Mulcahy is a Graduate of Trinity College Dublin and Boston College, lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a partner at Future Workplace and a cohost of The Future Workplace Network; a membership community for HR executives. Kevin coaches on leadership effectiveness at the Harvard Business School and is an adjunct faculty member at Babson College.
Forward-looking HR organisations tend to have a formal and disciplined process for tracking trends to help them win in the talent marketplace. When we anticipate the future, we are essentially making assumptions about what will happen. The assumptions we make are our expectations of the trends we expect to see.
This session will introduce you to a recommended framework for documenting your assumptions to help you more thoughtfully prepare for your future workplace experience. Kevin will outline the macro drivers that these companies are responding to, and offer some rules to guide you in rethinking, reimagining, and reinventing your organisation.

Date:      16th February 2017

Time:    16.00 -18.00 Talent Forum

Venue:   IMI Conference Centre, Sandyford Road, Dublin 16

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