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Why choose this programme?

The High Potential Leadership Development custom programmes are designed to create a new breed of leadership for your organisation.

Challenging your high-potential leaders and immersing them in a provocative but safe environment will create a space to disrupt and reframe their thinking on current challenges. Our immersive learning environments will support how leaders’ experiment with different approaches to collaborative work, thereby unlocking innovation.

Have the right leaders in the right place, at the right time, delivering in the right way.

This programme is for you if…

You are seeking to
create a pipeline of senior talent that is connected to long-term, sustainable performance.

Client success story: Ornua

Ornua, Ireland’s largest exporter of dairy products with annual sales in excess of €2 billion, sought to develop the mindset of its top leadership team to support their strategy in growing globally organically and capitalising on their acquisitions across the world.

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Client success story: Ornua

of new senior level executives fail within the first 18 months of their role.


of high potentials seek highly visible development opportunities that give them access to the executive leadership suite.


Less than 30% of European companies feel confident about the quality and amount of talent in their pipelines.

Programme Themes

Divisional to organisational leadership

Shifting a leader’s mindset from their own division to the larger context.

Strategic finance

Pivot thinking around financial analysis for better and more strategic decision-making.

Outside-in thinking

Look at your organisation and its ecosystem from fresh, and multiple, perspectives.

Global operations

Best-practice examples and techniques on running a global operation across cultures.

Sustainable innovation

Explore how to create an organisation which continuously innovates at the peripheries.

Practical skill and techniques

Even the most experienced leaders have gaps – we’ll give them the confidence and know-how to fill them.

Key programme takeaways

Sustainable Future

Identify and develop the future.

Create a sustainable pipeline of senior talent ready to deliver today, and build a fast-track so star individuals can rise.

Committed Leaders

Set a clear vision for your future c-suite.

Gain a cohort of committed high-potential leaders ready to step up when asked.

Growth Mindset

Develop the mindset needed at the highest levels.

Through skills-based training and deeply experiential learning methods, your leaders will be challenged and stretched.

What our clients say

Emma Mannering
The IMI is a truly professional organisation providing innovative approaches to executive education through their Diplomas, Masters and bespoke education programmes. The experience of the Ervia Team has been second to none in dealing with the IMI and its team of professionals. Over the last four years, the IMI have worked alongside our Talent Team to deliver a suite of bespoke leadership development programmes to support us on our journey to building our leadership bench, develop successors for key roles and developing our key talent across the organisation.
Emma Mannering
Group Talent Manager, Ervia

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