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Impactful Project Management

Course Overview

Adept project management is paramount for achieving organisational goals efficiently and effectively. The Impactful Project Management short programme is tailored for anyone seeking to enhance their strategic capabilities in overseeing and executing projects.

The programme delves into essential project management fundamentals, while also honing in on the specialised skills and strategies employed by highly successful project managers. Covering a spectrum of crucial themes such as project types, scheduling, cost management, quality control, and stakeholder engagement, participants will gain practical insights into scoping, estimating, and managing risks and dependencies.

Programme Details

Programme Start Date
4th July 2024
IMI Campus Dublin
Facilitated Workshops
2 Days
Mid to Senior Career
In house programme available
Programme fee
Impactful Project Management
Total €1,950

Tailored Programmes

In-house programme available

Every option in our full suite of short programmes is available in a tailored format, where it will be delivered to your staff only. If you have a cohort of 10 or more people for a specific programme, we can partner with you to define your unique challenges and , where necessary, adjust our content to meet your specific needs, shaping the opportunities for growth within your organisation. Talk to us about your requirements today.

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Strategic Vision
Gain clarity and foresight to develop and execute projects aligned with overarching business objectives.
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Agile Decision-Making
Master the art of swift, informed decisions to adapt to evolving project dynamics and maximize efficiency.
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Stakeholder Engagement
Cultivate robust communication skills to effectively manage stakeholder expectations and foster collaboration for project success.
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Scoping & Estimating
Evaluating the size of the project effectively and developing frameworks to estimate timelines.
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