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Start date: Start date:
Autumn 2022
Duration: Duration:
10 weeks
Seniority: Seniority:
Senior to C-Level Career
Non-member fee: Non-member fee:
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Leadership Decision Making
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This programme is for you if…

You want to make better
leadership decisions and maximise the potential of your organisation.

Why choose this programme?

Leaders are judged by their decisions, and organisation’s are defined by them.

Challenge your assumptions and transform the way you approach decision-making with our Leadership Decision Making programme and begin navigating complexity with ease.

You can look forward to:

Decision simulator

Disrupt your thinking and challenge any preconceived notions with our decision simulator.

Executive coaching

You will be offered a one-to-one executive coaching session.

Post-programme guidance

You will be supported by an External Coach during and after the programme.

Programmes themes

Weeks 1-3: Disrupt and reframe

Phase 1 of Leadership Decision Making will challenge your assumptions on how you make decisions, what impact your decisions make, and what inherent biases you possess that cloud your decision-making process. You will leave phase 1 with a deeper appreciation of effective decision-making components, and the real challenges leaders face in practice.

Weeks 4-8: Experiment and Implement

Phase 2 of the development journey will give you the opportunity to apply your developed decision-making to real-world situations, reviewing your own and your organisation’s current decision-making ability. You will be supported by an External Coach to reflect and iterate. Online content bursts, digital nudges and curated discussions will stimulate deeper thinking and habit-forming behaviours.

Weeks 9-10: Fuse and Transform

The final phase of the development journey will see you fuse what you’ve learned into ongoing practice as you effectively navigate complex decisions. An External Coach will support participants post programme. Your journey doesn’t end at 10 weeks. Leaders make on average over 1,000 decisions per day and your newly-fused decision-making behaviours will impact all of these.

Key takeaways

Decision Making

Make your decision-making faster, better and more consistent. Frame decision-making situations to make more informed, swift choices.

Eliminate Bias

Throw light on what you can’t see by exploring your inherent biases. Explore methods to open up new angles to your thinking.

Strategic Organisation

Support your organisation’s decision-making across the board. Apply influencing skills to drive decision-making in an organisational context.

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