Learning Hub

In Brief

Who is it for: Who is it for:
Peer groups of CF or incoming PCF role holders
Number of participants per company: Number of participants per company:
IMI virtual learning environment
Duration: Duration:
10 months
Start Date: Start Date:
29 April 2021
Fees: Fees:
€30,000 per participating organisation
Masterclass launch event Masterclass launch event
4 Virtual Workshops 4 Virtual Workshops
Expert speaker series Expert speaker series
Leadership blueprint Leadership blueprint

This programme is for you if…

you are working in a Controlled Function (CF) role in financial services and want to gain awareness of your leadership style, get insights into a variety of regulatory environments, understand the risks and responsibilities of personal accountability, and instill a culture of compliance in your team.

Why choose this programme?

Leading in a highly regulated environment can be daunting but fully understanding the responsibilities, risks and opportunities is key.
This course will equip CF and PCF role holders with the knowledge, skills and confidence to navigate regulatory complexity and feel comfortable leading in an often uncertain environment. It will enable them to make responsible and accountable decisions and build a culture of compliance and accountability within their organisation.

Participants can look forward to:

Virtual Workshops

A series of 4 experiential workshops working with peers designed by IMI in direct response to industry needs and with input from global leaders in financial services.

Expert speaker sessions

A series of expert guest speaker sessions exploring the key challenges impacting leadership teams in a regulated environment from both an Irish and international perspective.

Masterclass launch

An expert-led virtual event will be held to set the scene through a world-class speaker.

Leadership in a Crisis Simulation

Participants will be challenged to make individual and team decisions with a simulation focusing on a risk issue which needs to be escalated to the executive team or board.

Leadership blueprint

Participants will develop a Leadership Blueprint that will support them personally in their own roles, and also support their organisations, as they navigate the new regulatory future.

Psychometric Testing and Debrief with Coach

Participants on Leading in a Regulated World will complete the Spotlight Personality Style tool identifying behavioural style and contextual preferences.

Key programme takeaways

Lead with Confidence and Make Responsible Decisions

While the new legislation and increasing personal responsibility can make people reluctant to take on leadership roles, understanding the regulations and learning to balance risk and reward to make confident and responsible decisions will make the transition easier.

Build a Strong Team Motivated by Compliance

Putting the right people in place, building a culture of compliance, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to perform and supporting them with the right technology is key.

Meet your Regulatory Requirements

In an increasingly regulated industry, financial leaders need to be fully prepared to meet their responsibilities. Investing in this now will help your organisation navigate the forthcoming regulatory requirements with ease.

Programme Themes

Own your Leadership Role

Gain deeper self-awareness and valuable insights into the regulatory environment and develop the confidence to accept personal accountability.

Develop Leadership Capabilities

Identify and develop the capabilities required to lead effectively in this regulated environment.

Outline Responsibilities

Clearly outline roles and responsibilities within your organisation and create transparency in the decision-making process.

Build a Culture of Accountability

Gain the knowledge and tools to develop a culture of compliance and accountability and empower your team to make decisions in uncertain environments.

Engage and Influence Stakeholders

Build strong relationships with stakeholders and communicate effectively to build trust between the regulator, the organisation, investors and the customer.

Navigate Regulatory Complexity

Gain insights into Irish and international regulatory environments and learn how to balance volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity with personal accountability.

Programme Partners

IFS Skillnet is a national network of partner associations and companies operating in the international financial services industry in Ireland. It’s aim is to support the IFS sector in maintaining Ireland’s position as a top international financial services centre, through ongoing investment in the development of the skills and expertise of this workforce.

A funding grant is available to IFS Skillnet members.