Why choose this programme?

Change is the only constant, and leading change is the great challenge of the modern leader.

With the world in flux, the Professional Diploma in Organisational Development and Transformation will support you delivering strategic change at the highest levels and throughout your organisation.

This programme is for you if…

You are interested or
involved in the process of managing change.

In Brief

Programme Date Programme Date:
04 May 2022
Location: Location:
Duration: Duration:
6 months
Facilitated Workshops: Facilitated Workshops:
6 (12 days)
Seniority: Seniority:
Mid to Senior Career
Non-member fee: Non-member fee:
Member fee: Member fee:
SME fee: SME fee:
Facilitated Workshops

This Spring 2022, Facilitated Workshops will be a blended format. Some classes will be via the IMI Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to your desktop, and some classes will be onsite at the IMI campus in Dublin.


The dates for this programme are:

04 & 05 May 2022 – In-person

13 & 14 June 2022 – Online

12 & 13 September 2022 – In-person

10 & 11 October 2022 – In-person

07 & 08 November 2022 – Online

06 & 07 December 2022 – In-person


You can look forward to:

Interactive classes

You will be introduced to core concepts, techniques and practical tools in interactive classroom sessions.

A toolkit for delivering change

You will leave the programme armed with a cutting-edge toolkit of frameworks, models and initiatives to help you develop an organisational development and change strategy.

Case study analysis

You and your class colleagues will discuss real-life case studies relating to major programme themes.

Networking with a diverse class group

You will work closely with your class colleagues in team activities and organised study groups and will leave the programme with a valuable network of business contacts.

Programmes themes

Plan and prepare
  • Gain insight into concepts and best-practices in organisational development.
  • Start developing an organisational development strategy for your business.
  • Evaluate planned models with regard to your own organisational context.
Team interventions
  • Assess the quality of decision-making.
  • Explore group dynamics, decision-making and interventions.
The organisational development consultant
  • Explore the context, dynamics and responsibilities of organisational development.
  • Analyse organisational circumstances and how they will impact on engagement within the organisation.
  • Design appropriate strategies for various organisational circumstances.
Cultural analysis
  • Assemble an appropriate organisation-wide intervention.
  • Understand the various characteristics of successful change.
Individual interventions
  • Appraise and assess a suitable set of individual assessments in a particular context.
  • Recommend appropriate individual assessments and interventions.
Change interventions
  • Learn how to lead large scale, advanced and complex change interventions.
  • Develop and recommend a strategic organisational development intervention for a particular organisation.
  • Evaluate proposed strategies and utilise this insight and feedback to direct your thinking for the OD intervention.

Key takeaways

Technique Toolkit

Takeaway a toolkit of frameworks and initiatives which will enable you to develop organisational-wide initiatives and intervention plans, including coaching, mentoring, and communications.

Lead Change

Plan, structure, communicate and lead organisational change initiatives – and measure their effectiveness. Develop and recommend a strategic organisational development intervention for a particular organisation.

Stakeholder Influence

Develop effective strategies to influence and deal with politics and conflict within your organisation. Influence the factors that drive effective organisational development.

What our graduates say

 Vincent Anderson
The IMI staff are wonderful, as is the diversity of the lecturers, but the classroom conversation and the exposure to amazing people from other industries and sectors might just be the magic ingredient.
Vincent Anderson
Technical and Operations Manager, Kilsaran