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The Experience in the Room with Salesius Sasi Kumar.S

Our Experience in the Room series continues with Salesius Sasi Kumar.S, IT Senior Project Manager at Allianz, and a past participant of the Henley MBA. He shares his story of how instrumental the Henley MBA was to his career and his organisation. 

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What is your career background?

During the early stages of my career, I worked as a mechanical engineer and at this point took an interest in the software industry.  In the past number of years, I have progressed into various different roles and I am currently working as a Senior Project Manager for one of the top financial organisations in the world.

Why did you choose the Henley MBA?

Given my IT project management experience & engineering background along with my ambition to progress into a senior management role, I carried out extensive research to find an MBA that was most suited to my requirements. I chose the Henley Business School and the IMI to complete my MBA due to the fact that their programme curriculum was very practical coupled with the quality of the lecturers. This made my decision very easy. On top of that, with triple accreditation and their overall ranking compared to other local universities and business schools, I strongly felt that the IMI Henley MBA was the right fit for me.

What were the highlights?

Firstly my knowledge base, applied thinking and situational leadership have changed completely, whether it is business or personal. Secondly, my organisation has benefited from this practical programme along with my overall industry knowledge.

Finally my investment strategy and entrepreneurial skill set has significantly grown and I feel  that this is invaluable due to the fact that it has helped me to develop a new business initiative which I am currently working on.

What were the challenges?

The biggest challenge for me was the time commitment to complete the MBA along with balancing my work and personal time commitments.

What impact has the MBA had on your career?

Within my organisation, I got promoted into a more senior role and I have received a lot more opportunities. Secondly, I improved as a person including various behaviours and overall perspectives on both professional and personal fronts.

What impact has the MBA had on your organisation?

The programme has had a direct impact on my organisation and one that started almost instantly. I was the winner of the prestigious Big Idea Innovation Award by developing “white-labelling” solution for our new venture and also contributed to several process improvement ideas.

What is your advice to people planning further study?

Very simple for me to say : I strongly recommend to everyone to look no further and choose the IMI HENLEY MBA.


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