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So you’ve ditched the 5 year career plan … what’s your next step?


In a world Forbes says career plans are dangerous and where the skills and experience you need along your journey shifts with the business landscape (many of today’s CEOs and senior executives work in industries that did not exist 10 or even 5 years ago)….what can we do to help us achieve our longer term ambitions?  

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According to CEO of Expedia Inc, Dara Khosrowshahi, you should”optimize for the next one to two years instead of the next five or 10. Look for the right opportunities, stay flexible, have some idea of what direction you are headed in.”Paul Brown of Forbes echoes this saying “begin with a direction in which you want to go”  He recommends a repeated process of:

Determine your desire… take a step towards it…. Incorporate what you learned

So what’s your desire? What direction might you take? And what might that mean for your next step?  

Want help finding out? We’ve built a journey mapper that might help you make that choice.  Try it out now!


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