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This week on the podcast, our focus turns to resilience and specifically how to embed it within your organisation’s day to day to reduce stress and forge a clear road map to productivity. 

I’m joined by Eibhlin Johnston, Managing Director of the Resiliency Hub. She is an author, speaker, coach, trainer and consultant. She works as a consultant in financial services and has 30 years’ experience working in blue-chip organisations across of range of business areas. 

Eibhlin was welcomed by the IMI community earlier this year for a webinar where she spoke about A Roadmap for Resilient Leaders. 

This conversation was recorded on April 7th, 2021.
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IMI Insights

IMI Insights

29th Oct 2021

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Recommended Reading: Organisational Resilience

The IMI-CUBS Organisational Resilience Survey examined the views of Irish leaders relating to their organisations’ resilience both during and as we emerge from the pandemic. Our infographic, which breaks down the data in detail, can be found here.

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Resilient Organizations: How to Survive, Thrive and Create Opportunities Through Crisis and Change
by E. Seville

This book asks the question: What differentiates resilient organisations from those that are not? Drawing on primary research, the author Erica Seville provides practical ideas and actions to make your organisation more resilient, and delves into the topic of whether a crisis is needed before resilience can truly be developed. The author founded and co-leads Resilient Organisations, a public-good research programme with a team of over 35 researchers that seeks to improve the resilience of organisations.

View in IMI Knowledge Centre 


The Agile Organization: How to Build an Innovative, Sustainable and Resilient Business
by L. Holbeche

This book focuses on the context of tough change and how organisations need to be able to innovate as well as develop and implement strategy quickly and efficiently. Providing key insights on how to build resilience at individual, team and organisational levels, the author draws on a wealth of research, including the lived experience and learning of managers and HR and organisation development (OD) professionals. Case studies throughout illustrate how organisations are addressing the challenge of developing organisational agility. This book is a ‘go to’ guide for senior leaders and managers, HR and OD specialists who want to help bring about organisational transformation and create the new resiliently agile ‘business as usual’.

View in IMI Knowledge Centre

Managing the Unexpected: Resilient Performance in an Age of Uncertainty
by K. Weick & K. Sutcliffe

In this book, authors Karl Weick and Kathleen Sutcliffe present the case that the unexpected can come in subtle forms and ask why some organisations are better able to cope in the face of change. Using so-called high reliability organisations (HROs) – emergency room staff, firefighting units and more – as a template, this book explains how these groups of people have developed ways of acting and styles of learning to manage the unexpected better than the average organisation.

View in IMI Knowledge Centre


Exploring Resilience: A Scientific Journey from Practice to Theory
by S. Wiig & B. Fahlbruch

This text explores different approaches for the operationalisation of resilience, using high-risk industries such as the scientific disciplines as examples for their implementation. The authors do not advocate one approach to embedding resilience; rather, their case is that most empirical work on resilience has been descriptive rather than focusing on testable models to increase resilience. The book includes a series of chapters from international authors representing different disciplines, providing a holistic picture of resilience from a strategic viewpoint.

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