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To coincide with Innovation Dublin 2011 IMI hosted Ash Maurya on Thursday Nov 10th free of charge for an audience of 50 IMI Corporate and Alumni Network Members. Maurya recently founded and is the author of “Running Lean”, which includes practical instructions on Customer Development and Lean Techniques.

Building & Launching Successfully Maurya discussed his insights into how product developers in established companies as well as start-ups can work to ensure they build the right products and launch them successfully. He shared an overview of the Running Lean process, why new product ideas fail and why many start-ups don’t get of the ground. He explained how Running Lean provides a better process and how to put it into action with practical examples. Built on his analysis of Lean Start-Up, Customer Development and Bootstrapping techniques Maurya gave an overview on how the process vets new product ideas, builds and tests a business model and how to find early customers and gauge what they want.

About the Speaker Ash Maurya HeadshotAsh Maurya challenges the notion that start-ups or product developers should plan based on gut, intuition and luck. Instead he applies a systematic process for rigorously stress testing your "Plan A" until you achieve a plan that works. Since bootstrapping his last company seven years ago, he has launched four products and one peer-to-web application framework. He applies customer development and lean start-up techniques to his products, which he frequently writes about on his blog.

To view the slides from Ash's presentation click here. If you have an interest in Business Innovation the IMI run a number of courses on the topic including our Diploma in Strategy & Innovation. 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Commenting on his time at IMI, Dr McCarthy said “I originally signed up for four and a half years but the stimulation of working with businesses and practising managers was fantastic and retained my enthusiasm for much longer than I had anticipated. The recent graduation of the first class from the UCC-IMI Alliance makes this an opportune time for me to move on”. In thanking Dr McCarthy for his service as CEO, IMI Chairman, Dr Philip Nolan, highlighted three of the significant achievements of IMI during Dr McCarthy’s tenure: the development of the Master of Business programme, the achievement of a global ranking for the Institute in the Financial Times Executive Education rankings, and the conclusion of the UCC-IMI Strategic Alliance. “IMI is now one of only seven institutions in Britain and Ireland – and the only one in Ireland – to make it into the top 65 global schools ranked for Executive Education by the Financial Times.This achievement, repeated three years in a row, is testament to Tom’s vision and foresight” Dr Nolan noted. 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Kerrie McGee

Kerrie McGee

18th Sep 2015

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Graduation Day at the IMI

IMI leads the way as students graduate from Ireland’s first data business programme

The graduates from the IMI/UCC MSc in Data Business co-designed by EMC, were first in the world to study this subject at postgraduate level when the programme began in 2013. The skills and qualification will equip graduates with the knowledge to lead in the disruptive technology of big data and the Internet of Things.

Data Msc graduates

The first graduates of the world’s first Master’s degree in Data Business collected their scrolls at a ceremony at University College Cork (UCC) on Wednesday.
The Masters, run jointly by UCC and the Irish Management Institute (IMI), was co-designed by EMC, the IT multinational that employs over 3,000 people in Ireland, and the SAS Institute.
The executive-level programme was the first of its kind anywhere in the world when created in 2013, and has already been emulated by other universities in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States.
Over a two-year period, 20 students studied Data Business modules including Enterprise Data Management and Advanced Data Business Analysis, equipping them with both the skills and the qualification necessary to lead Irish and international industry in an important disruptive technology.
Data business focuses on managing the products and services created by data science. Data science involves collating, storing and analysing the vast amounts of data generated by internet-enabled objects like computers, smartphones and machines (often called the “Internet of Things”), thereby providing deeper insight into a certain trend or pattern like product use or customer behaviour.
The new Masters of Data Business were also joined on the podium by graduates of UCC and EMC’s year-long IMI Diploma in Data Business.

Dr David Sammon, Programme Director at UCC, said:

“The value proposition of the Data Business masters points to its uniqueness globally. We build the capabilities to have new transformative conversations within the business. We get participants to challenge the status quo and practice design, visual, analytical and agile thinking. The business impacts of this research oriented masters programme are impressive and deliver on the ‘data as an asset’ philosophy.”

Bob Savage, Vice President and Managing Director of EMC Centres of Excellence EMEA and head of EMC Ireland, described the graduates as:

“pioneers in an emerging and highly valuable fields of technology and research.”
He continued to say that: “The graduates are a testament to the growing importance of big data and the business behind it. As the internet becomes as ubiquitous as electricity, businesses of all sizes stand to benefit from analysing the tremendous amount of data that their products and customers generate, learning from it to improve their business offerings and services.
These Masters of Data Business will be highly proficient in a digital global economy that is increasingly mindful of the benefits of harnessing the power of the Internet of Things.
EMC is proud to play a continuing role in technology education in the Cork region and Ireland”.
In 2011, EMC also assisted in the creation of Cork Institute of Technology’s pioneering Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Cloud Computing.

For more info on the Master’s degree in Data Business, click here