In Brief

Programme Date Programme Date:
11 October 2022
Location – Dublin:
IMI campus
Duration: Duration:
6 months
Seniority: Seniority:
Mid to Senior
Non-member fee: Non-member fee:
Member fee: Member fee:
SME fee: SME fee:

Why choose this programme?

This programme concentrates on empowering and enabling high performance – positioning you to lead from the front in driving your organisation’s future achievements and providing a roadmap to maximise your potential over the years to come.

Through this highly applied and experiential programme, you will develop expertise, tools and insight across a range of contemporary themes that are central to success in a world of ever-greater uncertainty and opportunity. This capstone programme can only be undertaken after taking two Professional Diplomas.

This programme is for you if…

want to enhance their organisational and individual performance. Through a blended focus on the environment, the organisation, and the individual, this programme will help you reach a new level of effectiveness and success.

You can look forward to:

Action learning

By working in small groups supported by mentors, you will take an active lead in solving problems, turning ideas into action and learning as individuals and as a team. This will help you develop creative, flexible and successful strategies to tackle complexity and ambiguity.

Digital nudges

Your learning experience will be enhanced by digital content bursts and online supports that will reinforce your classroom learning , enabling you to close the intention-action gap.

Experiential and
reflective learning

Connect programme learning with your professional experience and organisational realities to reflect on how to develop and apply new knowledge for organisational improvement and personal development.

Trends and thought leadership

Discover the latest research and thought leadership from global faculty on current issues related to performance, resilience, strategy, innovation and more. With this cutting-edge outlook, identify opportunities that will reenergize your business and yourself.

Programmes outcomes

Module 1: Future-proof the organisation

• Engage and manage stakeholders outside your organisation to strengthen your competitive position.
• Leverage data-driven decision-making to ensure informed choices and position your organisation for various strategic scenarios.
• Navigate geopolitical risk and global megatrends to enable international best practice and fortify your competitive advantage.

Module 2: Delivering winning organisations

• Deploy knowledge-based resources and networks to align organisational purpose with performance.
• Proactively manage risk to navigate crisis and preserve corporate value and reputation.
• Develop organisational agility and resilience to deliver success in a world of volatility and uncertainty.

Module 3: Becoming a strategic leader

• Acquire and apply critical management consulting skills to enhance your strategic leadership capabilities.
• Use a structured problem-solving approach to tackle and resolve organisational complexities and dilemmas.
• Lead a developmental organisation focused on high-performance culture and teams and leadership advancement.

What our graduates say

Carol Andrews
The IMI Master of Business was truly a terrific journey for me both personally and professionally. A different way of learning, especially for very busy people. The style of learning really suited me, hugely supportive lecturers and best in-class speakers. Flexible, innovative and very real diplomas, grounded in my unique business and personal needs. For me personally it gave me a new sense of confidence in my own leadership style together with a new set of skills to enhance how I work every day. Each of the three parts of the Masters knitted together a real blend of what I needed, and also gave me a much broader perspective on other businesses. I developed incredible relationships with my fellow students that will last forever!
Carol Andrews
Global Head of Client service Delivery, BNY Mellon