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Why choose this programme?

What are you doing to reinvent your business?

Senior Leadership Development programmes are for organisations looking for new levels of leadership performance, both from individual leaders and senior executive teams.

By defining a new standard of leadership practice, you’ll gain a senior team more confident in their mission, more aligned behind your strategic aims and personally committed to driving the organisation forward to new heights.

This programme is for you if…

You want to develop
senior leaders more aligned to your strategic aims and a senior executive team committed to working towards a shared vision

Client success story: Glanbia

Glanbia has a vision to be one of the world’s top performing nutrition companies. We worked with Glanbia to deliver a Senior Leadership Development Programme with international speakers, locations and ambitions

Claire Kerwick, Head of Talent Development at Glanbia, tells the story.


81% of senior leaders believe that the ability to lead through more complexity and ambiguity is one of the most important skills of future-fit leaders.


73% of CEOs report their C-suite team rarely, if ever, work together on strategic initiatives.


83% of senior leaders believe that executive education remains vital for achieving business goals.

Programme Themes

Strategic Vision

Developing, aligning and executing your strategic vision as both an individual and as a collective.

Strategic Decision Making

Making smart, agile and speedy decisions in a complex environment.

Sustainable Performance

Balancing performing in the now with future-proofing your business.

Driving Change

Driving the continuous change required of organisations today while remaining focused on the overall mission.

Strategic Risk Taking

Allow your leaders to explore the peripheries of your organisation’s capabilities and take strategic risks in moving towards new business models.

Personal Leadership

Uncover, consolidate and align individuals strengths & weaknesses for better team and organisational performance.

Key programme takeaways

Impactful Leaders

Senior leaders who are more confident, influential and inspiring. Uncover personal strengths and weaknesses and discover how to align with the collective to improve organisational performance.

Aligned, Collaborative Culture

Gain a cohort of senior leaders working towards a shared vision. Your leaders will develop their ability to positively impact the leadership culture, processes and needs of your organisation.

Sustainable Pipeline

Prepare for the future with the top leadership talent across your organisation. By aligning your board level and c-suite leaders you can create a clear pathway for others to follow, and a consistent standard to be met.

What our clients say

Pat McCann
Dalata is one of the fastest growing businesses in Ireland. Key to that growth is our ability to develop and grow our own people. We have very successfully partnered with IMI to design and deliver our Senior Leader Development Programmes. IMI brings a highly professional approach to these programmes and without IMI's input we could not achieve our ambitions. We plan to continue this partnership with IMI ensuring Dalata has a strong pipeline of future leaders that will support our growth well into the future.
Pat McCann
CEO, Dalata Hotel Group

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