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Kriti Jain

Kriti Jain

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The Art of Strategic Thinking: Kriti Jain

In this session, participants will be exposed to three key ideas. First, we will explore how a paradox mindset can help leaders juggle various priorities. Second, we will discuss the systemic nature of strategic decisions and the importance of thinking of both intended and unintended consequences. Finally, we will work on the meta-skill of ‘rethinking’ how we think long-term.

Dr. Kriti Jain is a leading management expert and works with business leaders and policy makers on topics of responsible leadership and strategic decision-making. She has a PhD in Decision Sciences from INSEAD. Thinkers50 has featured her in the list of top global thinkers.

Date: 12th June 2024

Time: 9.30am – 11am

Venue: Virtual


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