In Brief

Duration: Duration:
4 months
On-site: On-site:
8 days
Location: Location:
IMI Campus and online
Next start date - Cork: Next start date - Cork:
25 March 2020
Fee per participant: Fee per participant:
Leadership Development Action Plan: Leadership Development Action Plan:
Organisational Capability Audit: Organisational Capability Audit:
1-1 Coaching sessions: 1-1 Coaching sessions:

This programme is for you if…

You want to develop
strategic, visionary leaders that can lead your organisation through disruption

Why choose this programme?

The IMI Leadership Development Programme for Construction and Engineering develops future-ready leaders by leveraging best business practice, latest thinking and world-class faculty.

Participants will conduct a high-level organisational capability audit while developing and implementing their own personal leadership development action plan, resulting in a cohort of focused and strategic leaders with a clear future vision.

Participants can look forward to:

Facilitated workshops

Facilitated by experts, a series of workshops will be used to explore key themes and questions, and how they can be applied to your context.

Coaching sessions

Each participant will be supported throughout the programme with coaching sessions, allowing them to apply the learning to their own roles.

Organisational capability audit

You will be supported in completing a high-level organisational capability audit to strategically analysis the challenges and opportunities you face.

Leadership development action plan

You will create your own leadership development action plan, implementing it in your day-to-day work

Programmes themes

Strategic leadership - why it matters

Examine and use best practice frameworks and tools to explore and analyse the changing landscape in which the Design, Engineering & Construction sector and companies exist.

The personal leadership journey

Develop your ability to role model the values, behaviours and capabilities that are pivotal to long-term performance in your team and organisation.

Performance through people leadership & diversity

Evaluate your organisation’s capabilities to carry out strategic initiatives that position you for sustained success.

Business leadership in a transformation world

Identify the forces of disruption impacting the sector and cultivate the innovative mindset required of you as a leader of people in this landscape.

Key programme takeaways

Action Plans

Define concrete personal development strategies for your leaders.

Gain a practical toolkit of leadership techniques that maximise their impact at a personal, organisational and client level.

Strategic Mindset

Support your leaders to deal with disruption and discover new market opportunities.

Give your leaders the mindset they need to challenge current thinking and lead your company through transformational change.

Commercial Focus

A sustainable, commercial leadership approach.

Drive growth within your organisation and scale nationally and globally while managing risk.

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