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Coaching for Business Performance
4 days
Mid to Senior Career
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Coaching for Business Performance

Learn how to coach for engagement, empowerment and accountability.

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3 days
Seniority: Seniority:
Mid to Senior Career
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The art of leadership continues to evolve, and coaching has proved to be an extremely effective tool in helping today’s leaders to create a motivated team working towards a singular purpose.

Through incisive questioning, a clear communication style and giving well-defined feedback, a leader with a coaching mindset can unlock new levels of performance in themselves and their teams. This programme has been designed to improve your effectiveness and impact through access to powerful coaching skills and an immersive and challenging experience. With a focus on performance, you will practice your coaching abilities with your peers, receiving feedback from experts in the room while creating a personal coaching toolkit. While developing your own coaching skills, you’ll also learn how to foster a coaching culture in your organisation, creating a clear pathway towards higher levels of creativity and productivity.

This Programme is for you if:

You are a senior manager or leader seeking to develop a coaching culture as part of your business strategy or if you are interested in pursuing a career as a coach. Ideal for anyone seeking to advance their ability to untap new levels of individual, team and organisational performance.

You will:

  • Develop and enhance your abilities to build trust, engagement and purpose within individuals and teams, allowing for new levels of performance. Intended as a first step for those interested in pursuing a career as an internal or external coach, you will also receive credits towards your recognition by the ICF (International Coach Federation) as an accredited coach upon completion, with an accredited next step available.

What to Expect:

This 3-day programme will be delivered over 2 days in the first month and 1 day in the second month, online in IMI’s virtual learning environment.


IMI faculty and coaches engage their virtual classrooms in various live, dynamic interactions including:

  • Live facilitated workshops and webinars.
  • An interactive learning experience supplemented with digital tools.
  • Learning and networking through breakout rooms with your peers.

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